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Gear Provided

Camping Pillow

Small inflatable lightweight pillow


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks for duration of excursion.
*Let us know of any personal dietary preferences in the booking form when you sign up for your hike

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Hiking Backpack

60-70 liter backpacks depending on the duration of your excursion

Hiking Poles

Poles aid in climbing and descending from the Canyon

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Sleeping Bag

0 degree sleeping bag for winter months, refreshing bag during the warmer months

Sleeping Pad

Thin, light inflatable pads that add comfort to sleeping on the ground

Spikes for shoes*

Metal cleats for you to pull over your boots will be provided in the winter months when ice is present on the trail.

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1-4 person tent depending on your individual party

Water purification system*

For trails where we need to source our own water, we will provide 2-step purification systems for us to refill our own bladders

What u bring

1 / Hiking Boots

Broken in hiking shoes

2 / Hiking Pants

Look for moisture wicking fabrics as an alternate to cotton

3 / Hiking Shirt

Look for moisture wicking fabrics as an alternate to cotton

4 / Undergarments

Extra pair of underwear, bra and socks

5 / Bladder / Water Transportation

At least 3+ liter capacity

6 / Sun Hat

Wide brimmed sun hat

7 / Contact Lenses/Glasses*

Daytime and Nighttime capacity lenses

8 / Prescription Medications*

Inform your guides of any special accomodations

9 / Toiletries

Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, wet wipes for bathroom, trash bag (Leave no trace policy), Floss

10 / Headlamp

Preferably with red lens capabilities

11 / Lip Balm 

Preferably with SPF protection

12 / Sunglasses*

If you like em

13 / Sunscreen

What's comfortable for you

14 / Cold Weather Gear*

During the winter months, bring warming layers such as a jacket & gloves

15 / Rain Gear*

We will give you a heads up on whether or not to have rain gear on the ready. Feel free to track the Grand Canyon Village weather leading up to your excursion. 

Optional gear to consider

1 / Support Braces

Knee, Ankle or KT Tape

2 / Stuff Sacks

Can make packing your backpack easier

3 / Charging Banks/ Spare Batteries

To re-charge phone, headlamp or other batteries

4 / Vitamins & Supplements

Multi-vitams or protein

5 / Money to spend/ Tips

There are souvenir shops at Phantom Ranch and throughout the South Rim, tipping your guides is appreciated.

6 / Camp shoes

Lightweight sandals or crocs 

Grand Canyon Training & Conditioning

Trip Insurance & Transportation

Life is anything but predictable.


For this reason alone - we strongly encourage you and anyone taking an excursion to look into trip insurance. Injury, illness, family emergencies, natural events, travel delays or your favorite team making it to the finals could all contribute to your trip not happening. 

Travel SE protection products can aid you in: trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical and emergency evacuation. Common claims include: injury prior to trip, travel delay, hospitalization or death of family member.

Travel LX includes all of the above benefits with the added perk of canceling for any reason if you purchase your policy within 20 days of initial trip payment. If you have a history of not being able to get away from work or if your favorite team makes it to the finals - not available in New York. 

If your trip does not include transportation, it also won't cover the park entrance fee ($35). You are able to drive your personal vehicle into the park and meet at the starting point, Maswik Lodge in most cases, your guides will confirm the starting location based on where the excursion will take place. 

Below we provide choices for insurance and transportation needs. 


Trip Protection Insurance

Transportation options to and from the Grand Canyon

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